Robert & François are the duo crew of ‘Royal Rushes’. François is responsible for camera work and Robert takes care of the editing and production.  

They got acquainted nearly 15 years ago, when jointly creating several programs for Dutch television. At that time already, Robert was responsible for the directing and editing whilst François provided the fantastic camera work. They have worked together ever since and now combine their strengths for this unique concept.


Besides 'Royal Rushes - wedding clips', they produce corporate films, video clips, commercials and other multi media productions with there company 'RUSHES Films & Clips''

Clients are for example: Oger, Schaap & Citroen, Deli XL, Packfill, Horecava, Keune, KPN, Meetgoed, Unilever, ID&T.



"Robert & François vormen samen  

‘Royal Rushes - wedding clips’"


After the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Robert completely focused on the direction of television programs, corporate films, short clips and commercials. Since 1996 he has therefore worked as an independent director. Besides his regular work as director, Robert has made several reportages for the Liliane Foundation and CordAid in Asia and Africa, which have made a deep impression. He produce his own work with RVDB MEDIA.

With ‘Royal Rushes’ we have the feeling we make a unique document. We’re not registering every activity, but capture every time the atmosphere and the emotion of the day, so that people can enjoy these special moments over and over again.


Works as a cameraman more then twenty years and has provided his services as cameraman for television programs, director of photography for commercials, director of clips.  

With his camera work he finds it important to think ‘out of the box’ and always uses the camera with sense to capture emotion in the most beautiful, composed images.